Yellow Cabs

A project with it’s very own narrative and a dystopian “film noir” look. See the images here

Copenhagen South West

A series of black and white images depicting an area in Copenhagen before a radical transformation. See the images here


Images from the area of the original Carlsberg breweries before the metamorphosis into a new city borough began. See the images here

Station 2 Station

An exploration of the structures and urban environments of the "S-train" railroad system. Work in progress - Coming soon!
The incomplete works

Acknowledging the fact that creative projects always can have one more detail adjusted, this website displays works of Photographer Kenneth Groning that one way or the other probably are very close to a finished status - probably.

With his passion for urban landscape photography, man-made constructions versus time and nature is no doubt one of the most recurrent themes in the works of Photographer Kenneth Groning. Images often addressing how yesteryears architecture and design are caught up with the realities of 21st century post-industrialization and urban redevelopment.

Images are made with all types of cameras and available technology, from 35mm analog to high-resolution digital cameras, and even with common mobile devices. Projects are almost always presented as a series of images exploring a certain visual narrative with the purpose of creating a subjective interpretation rather than an exact impression of the subject matter.

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